The perfect white shirt

Nov 20, 2013 by

The perfect white shirt

I have so many white shirts—long sleeve, short sleeve, golf shirts, button-down collared shirts, and that doesn’t even include the white tee shirts. When shopping, I always gravitate to a white shirt.  They’re like a drug—I can’t stop.  There’s got to be a 12-step program for people with white shirt syndrome!  As we all know, no matter what the color of the shirt, that tell-tale gape is a big fashion faux pas.  Click here to see how illustrates the “gape”.  According to Oprah and The Huffington Post and, there is a perfect white shirt.  The designer is Rochelle Behrens-google her, she has a very interesting background.  In the meantime, click here to see her “perfect white shirt”.

FYI-I also like a brand called Foxcroft for a casual white shirt.  They are great to wash and wear—no iron!  I got mine at Madlyn’s in Marble Falls.  They also have a store in Fredericksburg.

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