“THE TIME HAS COME,” the Walrus said,

Jun 4, 2014 by

“THE TIME HAS COME,” the Walrus said,


It’s here.  Summer or as we call it, JAIL TIME.  For those of you who aren’t in Texas, it’s the time we are sequestered in our houses because it’s hot as hell outside.  Thank goodness, we do live in the Texas hill country where we don’t contend with the humidity.  Those poor folks in the likes of Houston just sprint from house to car.  I can’t imagine the face blotters that city sells.  And what about that “to do” list for the summer?  One of mine is to make it back to the Palo Duro Canyon to see the Texas play.  It has to be on every Texan’s bucket list and is like Red Rocks meets the Grand Canyon.  But back to the summer check list—here are 14 things you say you’ll do in summer.  And the foods of summer!  Of course, the bar-b-que (ya gottta have a Green Egg), the homemade ice-cream (and Dennis makes the best “Cherry Garcia” in the White Mountain ice cream maker), the lemonade, the fresh produce, and the ice cold watermelon.  Flashback:  I have a summer birthday and I just remembered one year my Mother had a surprise birthday swim party with candles on a watermelon instead of cake.  Back to summer.  There are songs that just scream summer.  “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summmm-mer…”  Come on, think of all the summer songs that immediately transport you back—Under the Boardwalk, Summertime Blues, See you in September, Summer Breeze.  I can tell you they make me think of a green, ruffled polka-dot bikini and Jerry Shepherd!  Remember the summer romances?  It was the perfect storm.  There’s a fun article in CultureMap Austin that gives tips on How to survive Summer in Austin“.  You can apply them pretty much everywhere in Texas.  My suggestion is make plans to get out in August—which is what a lot of people do.  I’ve always said you can put a man on the moon easier than you can get people together for a dinner party in August.  Everyone is in Colorado.  And so as the Walrus debates “why the sea is boiling hot”* those of us in Texas know the answer.  It’s summer.  Deal with it.       

*To read the entire Lewis Carroll poem, click here.

6/5/14 OOOOPS— I forgot to add my brrrrrrrilliant hot weather tip.  Put a half filled plastic bottle (it can be any liquid) in the freezer then take it out when you walk, play golf or do errands.  As it melts, you continually have a refreshing drink that keeps you hydrated.  I like to do water with a slice of lemon.  You may thank me later.

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