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I’ve been looking for a pair of jeans for some time.  It’s taken a while because I don’t want to have to sell a piece of sterling to buy them.  But, I want a stylish look and I really like the skinny leg.  The problem has been that all of the skinny leg  jeans alway have a low rise waist-great if you have a girlish middle- and I don’t.  Enter the Levis High Rise Skinny Fit jean.  It covers and holds my tummy in but comes no where near to a Mom jean look.  And the best part is they’re $64.00 ($49.99 if you’re lucky enough to live near an outlet).  I got a black pair and a traditional indigo color.  Bonus:  they’re comfortable!  Pssssst!  If you’re not into the skinny leg fit, you can also get a high rise waist in other Levis’ cuts.  I think they’re the perfect jean for that middle aged diva who is looking for a cool, mature look!  Let me know if you try them and what you think.


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