Up and down….Up and down

Nov 5, 2013 by

A few days ago, I was putting up a paneled drape.  As I was trying to secure the swing rod by screwing in one of the four screws, I would drop the screw and have to go down the ladder and retrieve it.  More than once.  Sometimes, I would see where it landed, sometimes not and have to look for it.  Since I was putting up two panels, this happened a lot more than I wanted.  There was one particular screw that gave me a lot of grief and frustration.  Multiple times.  Up and down that ladder looking under the desk, behind the globe, in the window sill, but, eventually, the job got done and the panels look great.  Yesterday, I went to San Antonio with my friend, Carol.  You can cover a lot of topics between Marble Falls and San Antonio.   Things that made me think about the ups and downs of the ladder, and I thought how we all need people in our lives to look for us, pick us up and carry us up the ladder—and sometimes, to be honest and tell us we are totally screwed.   I hope you have that someone—earthly or heavenly, friend or relative, that can do just that.  It’s the season of giving thanks.  Put them at the top of your ladder.

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