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Last week, during the record rains, I had decided to get out of the house.  Cabin fever had set in.  There were no more “projects” left to do.  Closets had been organized, wardrobes had been purged, seasonal dinnerware had been rotated etcetera, etcetera.  I decided to take in Steamboat Bill, Jr. at our muy cool Uptown Art House—you know where Gary P. Nunn just played to a packed house.  It was a perfect afternoon to be in a vintage theater, seeing a vintage movie—the black and white silent film was just about the same monotone color of the outside day.  The only time I had ever been to a silent movie was on Halloween a few years ago.  A friend and I were in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to get tickets to the Kodak Theater for the original film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Needless to say, the traffic on the way to downtown Marvelous Falls was quite different than the traffic in downtown LA………no honking, no stop and goes, and no friendly, social finger waves.  Ohhhhh, how lucky to be here!  Of course, the irony is, probably someone on the freeway that day in California has moved and is living in this area, as we speak.   But, back to The Uptown Art House.  What a gem and fantastic addition to Marble Falls.  In fact, Austin Monthly recently listed it as one of eight venues worth the drive for live music. The icing on the cake is the delightfully friendly owners, Laurie and Jim Halfpenny.  And, what they bring to the table with they’re past experiences, would be a stellar addition in any big city……….but, guess what they chose Marble Falls!  Click here to see their expertise, including film and documentary credits.  But back to Steamboat Bill, Jr………..How fascinating to see the agility, physicality, and expression of Buster Keaton.  I was mesmerized and evidently so were the others in the audience because judging from the laughs, they clearly enjoyed the movie.  BTW, it got a 100% from Rotten Tomatoes.  FYI, Laurie and Jim show a movie every Sunday afternoon and you must go!  I just missed Giant— one of my all time favorites (and should be required of every Texan to see).  Upcoming matinees will be Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Lawrence of Arabia,and they’ll have a Chick Flick nite on September 27th when they’ll show Sweet Home Alabama.  I think I saw a poster of upcoming Shaun of the Dead, one of my favs.  Oh, did I mention they serve beer and wine?  All of this in between such performers as Bob Livingston and Michael Martin Murphey-who will perform in person for future events.  Laurie and Jim will shut down the theater during the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival in October, which by the way, the talented duo founded.  COME ON!!!!  Are we lucky or what to have them in our community?  Just nod……….Man,  I love living in the Texas Hill Country.  I just bleeping love it!

PS-For a really interesting primer on BK and the silent film genre, click here.

The marquee reminds me of grade school days when I used to meet my friends for a Sunday matinee

You’ve got to go to The UPTOWN ART HOUSE-they’ve got something for everyone

Buster Keaton

Muy cool theater


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