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And not a drop to drink.  In some parts of the world that’s not just a famous poem, it’s an unfortunate and heartbreaking way of life.  Chef David Bull, of Congress Restaurant in Austin, and CHEFS TABLE AUSTIN is doing something to change that.  A typical example is the WATER TO THRIVE

Chef David Bull with auctioneer

Chef David Bull with auctioneer

fundraiser at The Palm Door on Sixth Street that he and other high profile chefs donated their time and talents to raise awareness of the water or lack of it in Ethiopia.  After a cocktail hour (a good fundraiser always starts with marinating the guests) and a silent auction, George Vaught lead the crowd in a game of Heads or Tails.  New to me.  We were asked to choose between putting your hands on your head or your —uhhh, errr—your “tail”.  George then flipped a coin and if it was tails and if you put your hands on your head, then you were eliminated.  Same thing over and over until only one person is left and wins.  On to the live auction of fabulous dinners donated by Austin’s top chefs.    SALT & TIME, OLIVIA, FABI + ROSI, CONGRESS, RESTAURANT JEZEBEL, GREENHOUSE CRAFT FOOD, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC, and LENOIR were one by one auctioned off to the captive audience.  And what a competitive bunch those chefs are—how fun to see them step up and donate the same dinner all over again if the runner-up bidder would match the winning bid.  It was just a fun night of casually dressed people who were obviously interested in a cause—not a “scene”.  I loved it–especially getting to see my good friend Chef Bull—David to me.  I loved meeting the new to Austin chefs such as Chef Wolfgang Murber, FABI & ROSI, and visiting with him about Baden Baden.  I told him my story of picking up a car in Germany and driving it around Europe.  And he just loved the story of Dennis being served goat (or sheep?) brains on a business trip in France.  BTW, Dennis just can’t get past that and thinks the food in France is horrible.  The very German Chef Murber loved it.  I also enjoyed meeting Chef Max Petty of OLIVIA.  I complimented him on the wonderful press he’s been getting and encouraged him to think of Marble Falls when he thinks about a second restaurant.

And then, there were the ah-door-a-bull University of Texas Cowboys.  One would think I was a cougar but as someone in my past life told me I’ve passed that stage and am now in the snow leopard part of life.  Painful.  Really painful.  But, I digress.  Dennis and I congratulate David, err Chef Bull, on a successful night and make our way out to the nighttime Sixth Street.  We walk past the tattoo parlor and around the Esther’s Follies corner to the car in Carmelo’s parking lot where you can park your car for $5.00.  Good to know.  We head over to I-35, passing the Rainey Street who’d-a-thunk-it district.  After a quick stop at Jack Allen’s for a snack and margarita (I know, how could we be hungry?) we headed west.  We pulled in and opened the door to see Mitch, the dog, wagging his tail—so excited we (really just me) were home.  As I turned the faucet on to make a cup of tea and later, as I shower, I have a hard time imagining life without water and by golly, how I take it for granted.  Not to mention how thankful I am to have had the good fortune to be born in America—not to mention my beloved Texas.  Luck of the draw. Toss of the coin.  I win every time I have a glass of that pristine H2O.

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