Weight just a minute

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Weight just a minute

I premise this by telling you I went to the Austin Lyric Opera last night with my friend, Susie.  Even tho we were able to park right in front of the entrance, the walk was brutal to the elevator (temp was in 30″s and drizzle).  Naturally, we had to have a libation to take the chill off before the lecture.  Then during intermission, more refreshments before the second half of Don Carlo.  Afterwards, we go to Vespaio for Prosecco, martinis, and a pasta filled with squash puree with an amaretti butter sauce topped with toasted walnuts. *D.A.G.T.H. (look for Pansoti Di Zucca on the menu).  And I wonder why I felt the need to write this article.  Expunge comes to mind.

I usually don’t start thinking about excess pounds till January but since I weigh more that I ever have in my life and it’s not even Thanksgiving, I thought I’d start keeping a lookout for products that may be of help.  I’ve started with a visual aid—a chart that shows the calories in one little drinkeepoo.  Click here to see what Casey Gueren of Women’s Health says about the calories in our favorite happy hour beverages.  On the other hand, there are drinks that are healthy—teas.  Alison Goldman’s article in Women’s Health shares how certain teas help you loose weight.  You’ll want to click here to find out which teas to sip your weight away as seen in Daily Makeover.  And finally, Kelly Moore at Joyus.com touts a gummy-bear-like vitamin which also helps control weight gain..  Click here for the video.  And under the do as I say department, here are Gary Drevitch’s tips posted in next avenue.

*Died And Gone To Heaven 


And when all else fails:

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