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I'd like that in Beetle Bug Red

I’d like that in Beetle Bug Red

Since we’re coming up on Halloween, let’s talk weird.  Just the word looks — well, weird.  Whether you use it as an adjective or adverb, I bet you say it at least once a day being it’s synonymous with strange and heaven knows there’s some strange stuff going on in this world.  But for now, I’m just talking about the fun weird things – things you may not have heard about.  For instance did you know that celebrities have weird beauty secrets?  OK, that’s not a shocker.  But, did you know the weird stuff that’s in make-up?  And what about Austin’s weird home tour?  I know, that’s redundant.  I’ll bet you didn’t know the weird beauty fixes for hot weather and by the way, will we ever get cool weather?  (For all of you in far away places, Texas can NOT shake off the summer.  It’s still in the nineties! In October!)  Anyway, back to weird, remember Weird Al Yankovic?  He made weird a cool thing.  I guess you could say (in the one man’s trash is another man’s treasure world) what’s weird to one person is perfectly delightful to another.  Variety…….  Interesting.  I know, it’s strange.  It’s………..uh…….weird.

By the way, here is Weird Al’s latest parody. I wish he would have been around when I was in grade school and wore glasses (for you young readers, back in the olden days, glasses were not cool — much less a fashion accessory),  I looked just like Bernice in Hope Floats which was filmed in Texas.  Even Marilyn Monroe couldn’t pull off glasses in How To Marry A Millionaire.                                                                                

I'm telling ya, that's me talking to Sandra Bullock.

I’m telling ya, that’s me talking to Sandra Bullock.

I looked just like Bernice-glasses and all!

I looked just like Bernice-glasses and all!


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