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I think we’re over the jet lag from our Switzerland trip.  No more waking up at three effing thirty in the morning, wide awake.  And thank goodness, I’ve just about stopped craving croissants.  (That twelve step program really works.)  I’m rethinking that last raclette and now understand the reasoning behind Muesli every morning (it makes the trains run on time, if you catch my drift ).  I’ve sifted through the pictures and entered detailed information in the designated spots so in ten years, I will remember the beautiful little town that had those gorgeous flowers (it was Yvoir, France).  The laundry is caught up and my dog is now speaking to me, again.  He even acts like he likes me and I’ve been forgiven of abandoning him.  I’m resuming extracurricular activities.  Today, I took a group golf lesson, had lunch, and played Mahjong at a friend’s house.  My friends were so sweet to ask questions about my trip and acted genuinely interested—well, most of them.  The question that is still bugging me is “what did you enjoy the most?”.  Now, let me ask you—do you ever wish you would have said this or think “why didn’t I say that?”.  I did say that was a tuff one and I don’t think I could pick out just one.  Now, after getting home and having a nice shower while listening to soothing music, I think of things I could have said.  The fresh produce in the markets, the guarded secret of the local Malakoff (a fabulous fried cheese ball that is like a molten chocolate cake, but in cheese).  I like the stern, invisible wall that the Swiss surround themselves with until they see you trying to say Bon Jour with a Texas twang and then they let a smile creep across their face.  I love the cleanness of the streets —no litter.  None. Zero. Nada.  I love the fact they appreciate our American jazz and even host festivals for the world to enjoy in a places that are so beautiful, it causes your senses to just shut down because of overload.  I love the lilt in the little children’s voices that you hear as you walk down the streets—like sweet little cherubs.  And why not, the place is heaven.  Who cares if a cheeseburger at lunch is forty-five dollars or a box of cheerios is fifteen dollars?    Evidently, that’s the price you pay to call paradise home.  Okay, again, a problem with the “what did you enjoy the most ?” question.  Here it is.  Here is the answer to what is the single best thing about the trip (and really any trip).  The answer is it reminds me that it’s a big world with so many different likes, experiences, lifestyles that are outside my little homogenized spot on the planet.  Mark Twain nailed it when he said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.  Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”  Travel is like an addicting elixir — a tonic.  I know humor is said to be the best medicine, but travel has to be a very, very, very close second.

P.S.-Mark Twain traveled a lot in Switzerland, if fact Weggis was one of his most favorite places on earth.  Click here to read some of his thoughts and observations.  Remember to add your name to the email list and your comments are always welcome!

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