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That’s Jayne and me at her space in Finds.  It’s the first one on the left when you walk in the door.


So my friend Jayne, you know the one who made those fabulous Texas hermit cookies for the holidays, kept telling me to stop by and see her antiques at FINDS!…of all kinds in Burnet.  She would also “dangle carrots” by posting some of her acquired finds on her Commanche’s Attic Facebook page.  One in particular was the Big Bend Coffee Van Horn sign that was muy cool and I covet to this day.  So, after my DRT* meeting in Burnet this morning, I thought I’d check it out.  I pulled into the ample parking lot and walked quickly to get out of the north wind.  Walking through the door was like Alice walking through the looking glass.  What a covey of wonderful things…..and lots of them.  And, all this in Burnet (durn it, lern it!)-another must stop in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  I would say there is so much to walk around and see, you need to bring your lunch.  But guess what………there’s a tea room in the building!  Just follow the scent of the homemade scones that are served with clotted cream.  I also had the chicken noodle soup that was so good on a cold, blustery day.  I would tell you about some of the finds I liked, but they’ll be sold before you get there.    By the time I walked out, a line was forming at the check out where owner, Cheryie Palmer, was busy swiping credit cards…….. and that ample parking lot was filling up.

*DRT stands for Daughters of the Republic of Texas for you foreigners, as in New York.

Ya gotta have antlers in the hill country


It wouldn’t be a vintage shop if you didn’t have Desert Rose somewhere.

Kinda like a Secret Garden



This cool Pottery makes my old Wedgewood look so passe


I visited with, L to R, Diana Hudson, Jayne Mortensen, Denise Karrick, Susan Sanders, and Robin Ivy- some of the vendors at FINDS. They were sampling the scone du jour.







My take out chicken salad and scone

Le Menu

Doesn’t everyone have a hanging teapot tree?


Colossal Robotic Hand-Science Mill

Drew Womack-290 Vinery, 2/17

Rick Trevino-Ramblin Rose, 2/17

Reckless Kelly-Globe Theater 2/17

Exit 505-The Hunt Store-2/17

School of Rock-Bass Hall 2/18

National Margarita Day 2/22

Dave Mason-One World  2/23

Bett Butler & Joel Dilley-

   Ron Yates Winery 2/24

Adams Family Musical–   

    Fredericksburg Theater 2/24

Garrison Brothers Tasting at

    Jack Allen’s 2/27






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