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As in blister.  As in on my lip.  As in horrible.  It even has a more horrible name.  Herpes.  No, not that one.  Herpes Simplex.  If you’ve ever had one, you know there’s really nothing you can do—there is no cure.  You just ride it out which for me, start to finish, usually takes about two weeks.  So that’s two weeks of seeing the expression on people’s faces that suggest they are thinking the ebola virus may be closer to home than they thought.  I wanted to wear a sign that said, “No, I don’t have a SD, I just have a cold sore”.  If you know anything about the pesky little devil, you know it is a virus that is related to the chicken pox.  Believe me, I’ve heard all about the differential erosion of the skin as I’ve had them since an early age.  In fact, I had a round of chicken pox vaccinations because “they” thought that would cure the reoccurring blister.  Needless to say, it did not but I venture to say I will never get the chicken pox again.  Anyway, this last one was a doozy and Lysine was not doing the job.  I finally went to Dr. Johns to get a prescription – knowing I was too late for this one, but I wanted to have it when the next one started.  I knew the trick is take it when you first feel a tingle.  So I see the doctor and we talk about how yucky fever blisters are.  As he was writing the prescription, he said “I don’t know how much this is….”.  Fast forward to me standing at the pick-up counter of a national chain pharmacy.  I asked how much the pills and salve were and the pharmacist said “Six hundred and fifty…….”.  At that point, I kinda fade to black.  It reminds me of Owen Wilson’s expression in Wedding  Crashers when he asked Jane Seymour’s character “How long have you and the Secretary been married?”  She says “30 years next April….and we were faithful for 2 of them“.  I said, “I beg your pardon?”  The pharmacist says the pills are two hundred and something and the salve is four hundred and something.  Once again, my hearing was still in shock.  The pharmacist said maybe the doctor could write



another prescription brand.  I was able to mumble something like I’d have to think about this.  Oh, I forgot to say if I used my insurance card, it would knock off a hundred dollars.  Whoopee.  I got to the car and thought, OK-I’ll at least get the pills.  So, I went back in and said I’ll take the pills.  The next morning I call the doc’s office and tell the whole horror story.  The P.A. calls back and says they checked on another script and it was a hundred dollars more.  I said that’s going in the wrong direction.  Here’s where the story gets interesting.  The P.A. told me they had called a local pharmacy that happens to be a “compounding pharmacy” and they could compound practically the same formula of the prescription salve (just a bit stronger…) for ….get this…for forty five dollars.  For the second time in 24 hours, I blinked my eyes and said “I beg your pardon?”  Needless to say, I high-tailed it down to my new favorite pharmacy and got the magic potion.  I also went by and picked up cupcakes to take to the doctor’s P.A.  So, here’s the take away for me.  1. The pharmaceutical companies are making obscene profits.  2. Find a pharmacy that compounds.  3. Find a pharmacy that compounds.  4.  Uhhh, I’ll let you guess.

F.Y.I. – Our hometown compound pharmacy is Atkins and click here to hear how Fever should be sung

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