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I admit it, I like a tan—at least, I like the look of a tan.  Even in the fall and winter months, I still want a little color on my face, legs, and arms.  I have finally found a way to get the look without damaging my skin.  If you’re around 60, you probably grew up basking in the sun.  Our lotion of choice was baby oil so we were essentially frying our skin.  (I still can remember the smell of Noxema on my fire engine red skin.) Oh, the pain!  Then, I did the tanning bed thing.  Then the spray tan.  Now, I’m using self tanners.  I love the convenience of being able to use it in my home.  My current favorite product is Fake Bake.  It comes in one lotion for the body and a smaller application for the face.  FYI: I tried to use the body lotion  on my face but it seemed to clogs my pores .  The face product does not.  Both look totally natural with no orange cast nor strange smell.  It comes with plastic gloves to use for application.  Interestingly enough, when I was watching an episode of Housewives of Beverly Hills (I know, I know), I could see a wrist “tan”  line where Kyle obviously does not know the trick of smoothing it on down the back of your hand.IMG_1764

FYI-I get my Fake Bake at ULTIMATE FACIALS in Marble Falls.




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