Nov 23, 2014 by

Last night, I met some friends for dinner at our new place to eat out at night in Marble Falls.  It’s not really new, the NOON SPOON has been open for lunch for a couple of years.  (Yes, people there are other places to eat lunch in Marble Falls).  Dennis and I eat out a lot so we are thrilled to have another choice.  (And for you locals, they do take out—even steaks!)  Anyway, the place had a respectable amount of people for a soft opening.  That’s one of the nice things about a small town, word gets around at the speed of light.  (I bet tonight, the place will be packed because of last nights good reviews.)  At the table are old friends and new ones.  I look around the room and see...

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Nov 14, 2014 by

The day was finally here – the Boston Marathon of the shopping world had arrived.  It was the Dallas Market Sample Sale.  I had saved a little stash of $$$, just like my friend Linda had suggested, and made a hit list of things I wanted to look for.  I had planned what my tactical gear would be and compfy shoes were at the top of the list.  A room was reserved at The Renaissance Hotel and I was to meet Janey there.  She had made a last minute trip to Washington DC so she would take a cab from the airport.  Anyway, I said good bye to Dennis and Mitch and headed for Big D.  My plan was to stay off I-35 and go through Hico, stop at the Koffee Kup Cafe for...

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Nov 1, 2014 by

Stick with me on this one—it’s gonna take a while.  The story begins last Tuesday when Sharon, Carol and I finally got together to go to the GONE WITH THE WIND exhibit at the Ransom Center in Austin.  The main reason for doing this was to celebrate Sharon’s birthday.  Of course, that means libations and lunch.  Well, we fiddle fart around and it takes a long time to decide where to go.  Too many choices.  Is this place open for lunch?  Is it that place close to the museum?  At one point we decide on Fonda San Miguel which is kinda hard to find and off the beaten path.  We’re slowly driving around streets that we think is in the proximity of the restaurant and happen (remember this) upon a cemetery entrance that Sharon told us her...

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