Feb 25, 2018 by

    By the time you read this, The Addams Family may no longer be residing at 1668 S US Highway 87 in Fredericksburg, also known as the Fredericksburg Theater Company.  Too bad, if that be the case — it’s a terrific production.  The set design and direction under Jim Weisman are so much more than what one would expect in a small town.  The musical was choreographed beautifully with costumes, lighting, and make-up equally outstanding.  As you can tell, I just loved it.  Yes, I was the one singing the lyrics during the prelude.  Yes, I was the one who was incensed when people were clapping hands when they should have been clicking their thumb and middle finger.  What a faux pas!  And, yes, I was the one getting my picture taken with...

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Feb 18, 2018 by

  If you’ve ever driven the road between Marble Falls and Burnet, you know exactly what I’m talking about—you can’t miss it.  It’s the Pottery Ranch.  Just look for the armadillo, the dragon, the dinosaur and the bluebonnets…………and don’t forget the pots—-hundreds of pots.  Make that thousands of pots.  And, that’s just on the outside.  Once you finish walking around outside where the metal sculptures, yard art, giant cockroach, pigs and chickens are, you can go inside and find hundreds, maybe thousands, more doodads to gawk at.  It reminds me of, as a child, going to the border and getting sensory overload from all the trinkets.  Here, you can also find higher-end pieces like mesquite mantles, punched tin mirrors, and southwest placemats that are worthy enough to be in Ralph Lauren’s snootiest store.  The...

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Feb 11, 2018 by

      So my friend Jayne, you know the one who made those fabulous Texas hermit cookies for the holidays, kept telling me to stop by and see her antiques at FINDS!…of all kinds in Burnet.  She would also “dangle carrots” by posting some of her acquired finds on her Commanche’s Attic Facebook page.  One in particular was the Big Bend Coffee Van Horn sign that was muy cool and I covet to this day.  So, after my DRT* meeting in Burnet this morning, I thought I’d check it out.  I pulled into the ample parking lot and walked quickly to get out of the north wind.  Walking through the door was like Alice walking through the looking glass.  What a covey of wonderful things…..and lots of them.  And, all this in Burnet (durn it, lern...

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