Apr 5, 2020 by

It’s one of the stories my Mother would randomly tell us about and up until a few weeks ago, it seemed kinda far fetched. She would tell it as I would imagine a war veteran would candidly share his combat experiences. Naturally, the last few days of the news, escalated by a quarantine, has given my memory a jolt and I am remembering bits and pieces of my Mother’s first hand experience in the Spanish Flu of 1918. (I think it’s very interesting we still label it as the Spanish Flu.) Of course, the comparisons are inevitable and since I’m home bound and you can hear a pin drop in the Texas Hill Country, I thought I’d share my memories, during this homebound time, of what my Mother told me about the 1918 flu...

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Hotel Settles

Feb 23, 2020 by

I know, I know……..you’re saying “Big Spring is NOT in the Texas Hill Country!” Duh. For you foreign readers, I’d advise you to google it and see just how “not in the hill country” it reeely is. For us, Big Spring is a perfect stop when we’re going up to Santa Fe or in this case, coming back from Sedona. West Texas has always been in my DNA with a Mother growing up on a ranch outside of Snyder. I’ve heard relatives talk about Big Spring for years. Lately, when someone has mentioned Big Spring, it’s been because of Hotel Settles…..or the refurbishing of Hotel Settles. So this time, we routed our trip to go through Big Spring and not the usual path through Lubbock. It was a Sunday and we had to drive...

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Jan 18, 2020 by

You know the saying “Life’s too short to drink bad wine”? I feel the same way about beef…….life is just too short to eat so-so beef. Like some other fine pleasures in life, it’s taken me a while to cultivate a taste for primo beef. Growing up, I never knew there was any other way to eat a steak other than fried and smothered in cream gravy. (I can’t imagine why I got my college freshman 20 in grade school.). Fast forward to Main Street in Marble Falls where Texas Elite Meat is quietly opening an up-scale meat market and soon to be grill. And, it’s is going to be a big addition to our quality of living in the area. When I first met Bert Naumann, the owner, he shared his story about...

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Texas Monthly & A RANCH

Nov 17, 2019 by

Another multi sensory night in the Texas Hill Country when the Texas Cultural Trust and Texas Monthly hosted the Violet Crown Art Exhibition at the Double Heart Ranch, home to newly declared artist and advertising executive, Gay Gaddis. The fall temperature cooperated with an outdoor evening so we could enjoy the Fossil Ridge Creative Center, a tastefully, understated think tank which easily can be a birthing place for any and all art centered projects. Stephanie J. Baker, Executive Director of FRCC, coordinated the evening, including a panel, led by Gay, which gave a brief history of her transition from one of the country’s leading women in the advertising business to renewing her interest and creative juices as an artist. An exciting part of the panel’s discussion was the announcement that Gay was becoming a...

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Sep 6, 2019 by

If you’re a fan of PBS, you’ll know this Sunday night is the first in a series of the new Ken Burns film/documentary called Country Music. Last night, we got to see a sneak preview of the seven episodes. Because the preview was at Austin City Limits Moody Theater in the Live Music Capital Of The World, Dayton Duncan, lead producer and writer of Country Music, made sure the cuts we saw were the Texas musicians included in the series. Ohh, I wish I could remember the one liners the likes of Willie, Waylon and the boys popped out during the interviews. The highs and lows of the entertainers were so interesting and made you realize what was going on in their personal lives and the changing music scene—on and off the stage. For...

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